We have heard that you fell head over heels for J.Lo’s  Tory Burch sunglasses she was recently wearing! Yes, we agree it is stunning; but before you impulsively add it to your cart let’s ask you something: “does it really fit you?”

To end your dilemma, Pari Gallery will help you find the signature shades that you will wear for years to come with 6 fashion eyewear tips.


  1. Your face shape says it all…

Half the problem is solved when you determine your face shape. All you have to do is take a selfie or look in the mirror and notice: is your face too angular? Or are your jaw and forehead the same width? What about your chin? Is it too pointy? Because if you have:


  • A round face: go for square-shaped shades or a pair of vintage cat-eye frames.

Recommended sunglasses (for women): Guess Sunglasses, Roberto Cavalli Sunglasses



Recommended sunglasses (for men): Cartier Sunglasses, Mont Blanc Men's Sunglasses



  • A square face: round frames or classic aviator sunglasses will fit you perfectly.


Recommended sunglasses (for women): Tom Ford Sunglasses, Swarovski Sunglasses


Recommended sunglasses (for men): Guess Sunglasses, Swarovski Sunglasses

  • An oval face: round or retro-shaped frames will suit you the most.

Recommended sunglasses (for women): Swarovski Sunglasses, Tom Ford Sunglasses


Recommended sunglasses (for men): Cartier Man Sunglasses, Swarovski Sunglasses



  • Heart-shaped face: cat eye or square-shaped sunglasses will look gorgeous on you.


Recommended sunglasses (for women): Tom Ford Sunglasses , Cartier Sunglasses



Recommended sunglasses (for men): Mont Blanc Sunglasses , Miles Sunglasses




  1. Invest in a classic pair

Consider purchasing a pair of sunglasses that you will wear more often. Following trends is all fun and games until you look at your photos few years later and ask: “What was I thinking?”


  1. The bigger the better

Of course, you don’t want to be squinting while wearing shades! So, make sure to cover your eyes and lids with large frames or wraparound sunglasses. Moreover, never take the lens, bridge, or arms’ size for granted as nothing is more annoying than having to constantly push the frames up, smash your eyelashes, or deal with a narrow bridge and dent marks on the nose. Hence, shop your size and save yourself from all the hassle.


  1. Style and protection should go hand in hand!

We can’t deny that the right pair of sunglasses can elevate any look, but let’s not forget about the eyes! While purchasing a pair of shades, always make sure that it offers 100% UV and light protection. Check the label, does it read UV 400, or 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays? If so, your eyes are safe!


  1. Daker doesn’t mean safer…

Don’t opt for darker sunglasses believing that they will offer more UV protection. As long as the pair of shades offers 100% protection, the color doesn’t matter.


  1. Stay away from trends

As we have mentioned in our previous blog “Find Your Signature Scent with Pari Gallery”, just because it looks good on your best friend or favorite celebrity, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will look good on you! Everyone has different facial features, lines, angles, and face shape.


Finding your signature sunglasses has never been easier! Check our website, and get your hands on one of our dazzling shades!