Have you ever wondered what is the first thing that signals your arrival whenever you enter a room? What makes people stop and stare when you pass by them? Yes, you guessed it right! It is your lingering scent that speaks volumes about you, especially if it’s the right pick. However, here are 4 tips that will help you choose your signature scent and leave a memorable impression.


  1. Pick your notes wisely!

Notes are everything, literally! Every fragrance is composed of three distinctive notes: base notes, heart (middle) notes, and top notes. The top notes will reach you first, followed by the heart notes. Then after about an hour, the base notes make their way, lingering the longest on your skin.

Hence, before choosing a fragrance, ask yourself: which smell do I enjoy the most? Is it coconut or vanilla? Or perhaps tobacco from cigarette butts? The list is endless, but as soon as you narrow down your options, it will be easier to find your perfect match.


  1. What is the occasion?

Did you know that there is a specific perfume for every occasion? For your date night, choose something with musk or vanilla. However, stick to citrus fragrances and lighter floral at the office, and stay away from woody or spicy ones. On the other hand, men should consider citrus scents at the office, and impress their date with bamboo, pomegranate, or coconut scents.


  1. Match it with your personality…

As we mentioned before, your scent reveals a lot about you and mirrors your personality. Hence, if you want to showcase your cheerful side, choose citrus fragrances. Don’t choose iris, lily, and jasmine fragrances unless you want to reveal your affectionate side. However, bergamot, rose, and patchouli fragrances are perfect for strong personalities. Only those with sensual personalities should go for musk, vanilla, and spices fragrances, and leave lavender, rosemary, and sage fragrances for energetic people.

Did we mention that patchouli, cedar, and sandalwood fragrances work magic on adventurous folks?


  1. Your skin type is the key

If you ever noticed that your best friend’s favorite fragrance smells different on you, blame it on your skin type. Believe it or not, your skin type, diet, and hormonal levels affect how a fragrance smells! So, if you have oily skin, choose something with light and refreshing scents, and beware of heavy fragrances that will make your skin oilier. Keep in mind that perfumes will last longer and smell more intense on oily skin, so stick to a lighter scent for an impactful result.

Recommended perfumes (oily skin): Creed Royal Exclusive White Flowers 250ml, Valentino Donna EDP 100ml, Mon Paris Floral Eau de Parfum 90ml

On the other hand, fragrances with heavy base notes are ideal for people with dry skin. Hence, musky and wooden scents will make you irresistible!

Recommended perfumes (dry skin): Rose Oud - Eau de Parfum, Parfums De Marly Delina Exclusif 75ml EDP Spray, Dark Forest Eau de Parfum 100ml

However, citrus-based perfumes are for you if you have combination skin.

Recommended perfumes (combination skin): Floris Bergamotto Di Positano EDP 100ml, Mizensir Mythique Vetyver EDP 100ml, Versace Yellow Diamond EDT Natural Spray 90ml


When choosing a signature scent, never fall into the trap of “trends”. Don’t try a perfume just because you love the brand, your favorite celebrity wears it, or it smells good on your friend! Moreover, when you are trying a sample, don’t rub your wrists together as this may damage the fragrance. Why the rush? Give it some time to see how it will affect your skin before making up your mind.

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