The long-awaited season has finally arrived, and we bet that you are packing for your summer vacation/staycation now. You have been fantasizing about the private pool days with your friends, barbecue in the backyard, outdoor activities, traveling to London for a shopping spree or to Spain for a tranquil quality time with your family, and the endless summer bucket list for so long. This is finally happening, right? But wait a minute! Rummage through your suitcase, did you pack your sunscreen, moisturizer, cleanser, exfoliator, and vitamin C serum? If not, pack them now!

What is better than chilling in the sun and sunbathing? Summer lovers, you may not like this but did you know that the main cause behind melanomas ( deadly skin cancer) is excessive exposure to UV radiation resulting from sunlight and tanning beds/ lamps? We are sure that you don’t want to deal with acne breakouts, itchy skin, sunburn, blocked pores, and rash during your summer vacation. But guess what? You don’t have to panic; we will help you pack the most essential products for your summer skincare routine.



The first we pack should be the sunscreen, your new BFF. Never remove it from your purse as it will be your savior from the harmful sun rays all year long. Before buying sunscreen, check the label. It should be broad-spectrum to protect you from both UVA and UVB rays, SPF 30+ and offers lip protection. You have to apply sunscreen daily, preferably 15 minutes before leaving your house. Keep in mind that applying one time is not enough. You have to reapply after two hours on your face, hands, feet, ears, and don’t forget your lips; especially between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. when the sun is at its most intense. Who said that you only have to apply sunscreen during summer? Even on cloudy days, sunscreen is a must because sun rays can also penetrate fogs, mist, and clouds. You can check our App. or website for a wide variety of efficient sunscreens such as Clarins Dry Touch Suncare Face Cream SPF 30, Natura Bisse Essential Shock Intense Eye & Lip SPF 15 Tub, Sisley Paris Tinted Sun Care Golden SPF 30, and more.



Now of course you are wondering: “Why do I have to pack a moisturizer in this humid weather?”. Even if your skin feels oily and sweaty, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need a moisturizer to nourish and hydrate your skin. Choose a moisturizer that contains ingredients such as vitamins A and C, is lightweight, and has SPF. Apply it before the sunscreen and directly after cleansing. The best part is that we have a large selection of highly recommended moisturizers ready for you such as Sisley All Day All Year, Valmont Moisturizing Booster, Clarins Hydra-Essential Cream, and more.



Yes, yes, you’ve read it right. To add to your summer glow, you have to pack a cleanser as well because we are sure that you don’t want to deal with clogged pores and acne during summertime. Use a face wash on your bare face twice per day to remove all the dirt and grime, unclog the pores, and keep your skin clean and fresh all day long. And guess what? We have different cleansers for every skin type such as Givenchy Rtc Cleansing Gel, Sisley Paris Soapless Gentle Foaming Cleanser, Sensai Silky Purifying Clear Gel Wash…etc.



Leave a space in your suitcase for exfoliators! Exfoliators can do miracles when it comes to unclogging the pores and reducing blemishes. However, don’t overuse an exfoliator and never use it on sunburned skin! You can choose from our website or mobile app Natura Bisse Ceutical Tolerance Enzyme Peel Tube or Natura Bisse Diamond Glyco Extreme Peel Pump and never go wrong.


Vitamin C Serum

Knowing that your suitcase is almost full, you must keep a small space reserved for the vitamin C serum! Nothing can prevent hyperpigmentation and protect your skin from oxidant-induced damages like a vitamin C serum. Hence, make sure to add a few drops to your skin every day between cleansing and moisturizing. We are sure that you are going to love Natura Bisse C+C Vitamin Complex Pump found on our website.

If you are not sure what products to buy, the answer is simple; buy what suits your skin. If you have oily skin, opt for moisturizers with salicylic acid and water-based products. If your skin is dry, choose gel-based products and avoid the foaming ones. Whereas products with anti-inflammatory ingredients are the best options for those with sensitive skin. 

We are sure that if you include these products in your summer skincare routine, you will not only have a blast this summer but also maintain a healthy and glowing skin.